About Us

The Hummingbirds Institute, Inc. is a corporation and a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

The Hummingbirds Institute is the first institution of its kind.  There are only a very few dance and yoga studios in existence which offer even one class to special needs clientele, and no music schools which do so.  Currently, The Hummingbirds Institute is the only studio established solely for this population.

Classes at The Institute give its clients the opportunity to experience the wonder of the arts and to participate in physical creative expression.  This not only stimulates the brain and improves physical, emotional, and mental well-being, but is also so much fun that the students have a blast!   Their time at Hummingbirds definitely changes their lives for the better.

Studies have shown that participation in the arts not only improves the power and capacity of the human brain and body, but it also builds one’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, dispels depression, and generates happiness and joy.

The motto of The Hummingbirds Institute is “ART HEALS.”

The Institute seeks to make our classes available to as many people as possible in the New York Metropolitan area, to establish Hummingbirds Institutes in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta, and eventually open worldwide.  It is working to build the total number of the student body of the New York Institute to 300 students within three years. 

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