Our Program

The Hummingbirds Institute was established to improve the lives of those faced with the challenges of living with special needs by providing them the opportunity for physical creative expression.  At Hummingbirds, these “”Special Angels” can experience the magic of dance, the harmony of yoga, and the joy of music.


Modern dance is defined as individual physical artistry expressed through contemporary movement.  Our dance classes allow the students to experience the magic of dance in a form based on the creative imagery and technique developed by Martha Graham.  Dance builds physical strength, agility and grace.


Yoga is the forging of self-awareness through postures, flowing movement sequences, control of the breath, relaxation and meditation.  The practice of yoga purifies and invigorates the body, relieves tension and stress, calms the mind, soothes the nervous system and ignites the spirit.


Hummingbirds Institute music classes teach the elements of music, including melody, harmony, rhythm, and tones.  The Institute gives lessons in voice, musical instruments, and has an orchestral ensemble.


Tai chi is an ancient system of graceful movements which enhance mind and body awareness and control.  Tai Chi builds natural strength and internal energy, and leads to peace and well-being.


Creative writing/speaking/singing is a means by which the students can express their inner being through shared stories and experiences.  Those whose condition prevents them from writing can speak; those who cannot speak can sign or write.  There is always a way to express. 


The Hummingbirds Institute provides each child and teen enrolled in our program with a mentor from our Staff and volunteer group.  The mentor will be available for private tutoring, and for extracurricular activities such as attending dance concerts, music performances, etc.


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